From Commentary to Contemplation, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, November, 2003.


art, education, business, breathing.


Commentary on media as an environmental condition - the mediated world


Photography - Jerry Uelsmann 1960s:  Painting is dead, photography is not art - photography is the back beat to the mediated world


McLuhan - what is the space that an angel occupies?  Through the Vanishing Point.

Video - 1983 Venice Biennale slow scan before the Internet

Painting and drawing print making -  more direct means

Education as potential antidote to commentary - awareness of the mediated world through direct contact


MIT - Multimedia work - made sense of a mediated world


J. Paul Getty Trust my life in the unlimited resource world


Jason the Internet voyager

Long Cove - respiratour ---


Painting as beauty

Photography - Turn of the century now

NSCAD Foundation Photo Site