Projects of the MIT Visual Computing Group and Application Development Group of CECI.


Man Ray was an interface done in collaboration with Middendorf Gallery in Washington, DC and was based on the images and text of Man Ray's Paris Portraits: 1921- 39 by Timothy Baum. The electronic version of the book allowed the user to go behind each portrait and access movies, images, text, and audio related to each personality that Man Ray had captured.

Portraits of Man Ray catalog.

Portraits of Man Ray catalog, works of Fernand Leger.

Portraits of Man Ray catalog, comparison of Picasso and Braque.


Direction Paris, French language learning interface.

Dans la Quartier St. Gervais, French language cinema verite.

No recuerdo, Spanish language interactive novella.

Paradox of Women in Developing Countries, Spanish cinema verite.

MIT Media Lab tour interface.

Sailboat Navigation surrogate travel interface.

NASA use of multimedia as live interactive interface.

Mechanical Engineering tutorial interface on bearings.

Flight of the Daedalus human powered aircraft documentary.

Neuroanatomy interactive interface to human brain systems.

Cellular Biology interface.

Geology tutor interface.

Environmental Literacy Ozone interface.

Native American artifact catalog, Smithsonian Institution.

Voyages of Columbus interface, Smithsonian Institution.

Harvard Collection of Historic and Scientific Instruments, sundials.

Harvard Collection of Historic and Scientific Instruments, phones.

MIT Rotch Visual Collection of Boston Architecture.

Boston Architecture used in student paper.

Bibliotheque de France, History of Text.

Musee d'Orsay Impressionist timeline.

Understanding Visualization curriculum.

Louvre Portraits research prototype.

Media Literacy curriculum.

Water Resources of Lebanon interface.

Seeing the Unseen, works of Harold Edgerton.

Multimedia software tutorial, dimension building.