Ben Howell Davis



Long Cove, Nova Scotia, 1986-2001 

Long Cove (remodeled) , Nova Scotia, 2003.

Long Cove Avafauna Study 1989


Viridian Contest Entries:

Enron, 2001

Hot Rod (Solar LightRod), June, 2001

Green Reddy Kilowatt 2001

Greenhouse Disaster Symbol 2000

Global Computer, 2002 


 Untitled Series of digital images, 2001

Abstractions of traditional photographs that relate to the concept of the horizon as time and space marker as well as the Golden Section.


 World Dominance


Build  Where You Please, Digital prints 20x30 inches


Build, IRIS,16 x 200 began life as a traditional drawing (30 x 40 on Rives BFK), was photographed, and then scanned into the computer. It is a sequenced piece made of ten 16 x 20 IRIS prints. The concept of the original drawing was to draw a "settlement" of houses built anywhere that it felt good compositionally. The resulting town was a comfortable rambling, organic place. The digital images were toned, reversed, compressed, and imbedded with the images of a horizon and a figure leaping from an automobile. The digital "place" lost a level of comfort but gained vast space.